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The Dale Mieners Collection

Tsuba from the collection of one of the very earliest of West Coast collectors of tsuba and swords.  This is a collection of approximately 160 pieces which will be listed a few at a time.

In his own kinai twords:  "I joined the army after WW II and was immediately sent to Japan as part of the occupation troops. Wound up in Sasebo, Japan and was assigned to an MP Company.  Being an MP I spent a lot of time with Japanese policemenThrough them I began to learn about Samurai swords and their equipment.  Found all this interesting but could not collect because of U.S. Army Law.

In the ensuing years, Japanese movies began appearing in the theaters.  Attending these movies, my latent interest in swords returned.  Thus began my lifelong collecting of Japanese swords and tsubas.  The first thing i learned was, there were many Japanese swords in this country that were brought here by returning G.I.'s.  Many of these items were found for sale in pawn shops.  Thus began my collecting.

My advanced age demands that I find new homes for my tsubas.  My hope is that the new owners find as great a pleasure owning them as I have . "


S & H: $6 domestic, $14 international

EMS, UPS, FED EX at cost

PayPal add 4%.  Credit cards add 3.5%

DM S151

Mino Mounted Dai-Sho






              DM001                               DM002                                DM003                               DM004                         DM005                   


                                                          SOLD                                            SOLD                                                                                              SOLD   


DM006                               DM007                                DM008                               DM009                         DM010




DM011                           DM012                                   DM013                               DM014                           DM015


   SOLD                                                                                              Sold                                                                                               SOLD   


DM016                          DM017                                DM018                             DM019                            DM020   


            SOLD                                                                                                                  SOLD                                SOLD         


DM021                          DM022                                DM023                             DM024                            DM025   


                       SOLD                              SOLD                                                                                                               SOLD                              


DM026                          DM027                                DM028                             DM029                            DM030   




DM031                            DM032                                DM033                             DM034                            DM035   


                                                                                                   SOLD                                                                    Sold                                                                                                  


DM036                            DM037                                DM038                             DM039                            DM040  


                              SOLD                                                                                                                SOLD                                                                         



 DM041                            DM042                                DM043                             DM044                            DM045     


                                    SOLD                                SOLD                                                                                                                       SOLD                                     


 DM046                            DM047                                DM048                             DM049                            DM050     


                                              SOLD                               SOLD                                                                        SOLD                                                                                          


 DM051                            DM052                                DM053                             DM054                            DM055     




 DM056                            DM057                                DM058                             DM059                            DM060    




 DM061                            DM062                                DM063                            DM064                            DM065




DM066                            DM067                                DM068                            DM069                            DM070


                                                                                 SOLD                                                                       SOLD


DM071                            DM072                               DM073                            DM074                           DM075


                  SOLD                                                                                                                                                           Sold                     


DM076                            DM077                               DM078                            DM079                           DM080

                   SOLD                                                                     SOLD                                      SOLD                                                             


DM081                            DM082                             DM083                            DM084                           DM085


               SOLD                                 SOLD                                                       


DM086                            DM087                             DM088                             DM089                             DM090





DM091                                            DM092                                                    DM093                             DM094


DM095                            DM096                             DM097                             DM098                             DM099




DM0100                         DM101                           DM102                             DM103                             DM104   

                                           SOLD                              SOLD                                                                  ld                                                                                                                             



DM0105                            DM106                             DM107                             DM108                             DM109




DM0110                            DM111                            DM112                             DM113                             DM114


           SOLD                                                                         SOLD                                                                                           


DM0115                            DM116                            DM117                             DM118                             DM119




DM0120                            DM121                            DM122                             DM123                             DM124


                                                                              sold                              SOLD                               SOLD                                SOLD                             SOLD                                                                                        


DM0125                            DM126                            DM127                             DM128                             DM129




DM0130                            DM131                            DM132                             DM133                             DM134


                            SOLD                             SOLD                                                                          SOLD                                                                      


DM0135                            DM136                            DM137                             DM138                             DM139




DM0140                            DM141                            DM142                             DM143                             DM144




DM0145                            DM146                            DM147                             DM148                             DM149


                                                                                                                        SOLD                            SOLD