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Mino Mounted Dai-Sho

DM S151


A dai-sho mounted in Mino koshirae.  The katana signed nijimei Kanehisa, the wakizashi nijimei Morimitsu.

Wakizashi:  Shinogizukure, sakizori, chu kissaki.  Marudome bohi extending into the koshinogi, and remnants of futatsubi.  Hawatare: 1 shaku 6 sun 0 bu 5 rin (48.5 cm / 19.05").  Motohaba: 2.42 cm.  Sakihaba:  1.75 cm.  Kasane: 5.5  mm.  Gunome midare, slight togare, crab claw gunome, koichigaiba, with some ha nie, becoming chu suguba with small gunome and ashi iri in the monouchi.   The boshi is omaru with hakikaki.  The jigane is an itame, a little worn here and there as shown, there is a gunome-midare utsure.  The nakago is suriage, there is a nijimei Morimitsu.  There were eight generations of Bizen Morimitsu, ranging from Oei (1394 -  1428 ) to Tensho (1573 - 1592).  The shape and workmanship would argue for an early generation, and the signature excludes the shodai. 

Katana:  Shinogizukure, torizori, iroi mune, chu kissaki.  The atobori bohi, ending in marudome, extends into the koshinogi.  Hawatare: 2 shaku 3 sun 4 bu (69.7 cm / 27.44").  Motohaba: 2.89 cm.  Sakihaba:  1.69 cm.  Kasane: 6.5  mm.  The hamon is gunome and gunome togare in groups of twos and threes, in nioi deki.  Deep soft habuchi, deep ashi, and yo.  There is some fine konie near the kissaki.  The boshi is komaru with medium kareri and hakikaki, and a jizo head with a small kaeri, and hakikai on the other side.  There are hataraki, kinsuji, nado.  The hada is a rolling masame becoming ayasugi, with omokume toward the shinogi.  The nakago is greatly suriage and machiokure, with nijimei at the bottom.  I was unable to find a signature reference for this smith, but I believe that this is a shinshinto sword.

Both swords are mounted in very high quality tiger stripe shirasaya, with accompanying Mino dai-sho koshirae.  The fuchi-kashira are Mino gold and silver flowers on shakudo nanako ground, the menuki are shakudo and gold millet.  The moku dai-sho tsuba are Mino, shakudo nanako with gold and darker shakudo flowers and foliage.   There is a Mino futokoromono of shakudo nanako of bouquets of flowers in gold and shakudo matching the dai-sho tsuba.  The saya wonderful black lacquer with polished sea shells in the lacquer are in mint condition.  Interestingly, at least two of the species are highly toxic.                              $9,750






Mino Futokoromono


Tiger stripe shirasaya


Sho:  Morimitsu



                                                                                                                                                            Slight worn spot





Compare Signature to Three Examples of Shodai Morimitsu From Nihon Toko Jiten-Koto Hen


Dai:   Mino Kanehisa



Nijimei Kanehisa

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