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Masahiro Gendaito Katana


An ubu gendaito signed, Mino kore Kuni Fujiwara Masahiro.  Shinogizukure, iroi mune, chukissaki.  Hawatare:  2 shaku 2 sun 7 bu 7 rin.  (69 cm / 27.17").  Motohaba:  3.23 cm.  Sakihaba:  2.138  cm.  Kasane:  8.0 mm.  The hamon is a gunome within a notare, with very fine hanie.  The jigane is a strong masame packed with hanie.  It could be argued that some of the masa produces chikei.  

The shingunto koshirae is as goodas I have ever seen.  Although this sword has an arsenal stamp. it was clearly made as a non arsenal production.  As I have seen in other instances, gendaito of considerable merit were used in the war effort, and received an arsenal stamp. In addition to the obvious difference in length for regular arsenal blades,  The workmanship with the very pronounced masame sets it apart from arsenal productions. 

This is sword that can be appreciated as it sit, but really deserves a first class polish.  This is a sword that needs to be collected for itself, not just a military relic.                                            $4,500

On second thought, I will reduce the price $1,000 to help cover the cost of polish.  So  $3,500


Pure Masame Hada

Arsenal Polish Obscuring Hamon Details




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