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Yoshioka Terutsugu Tsuba



A fine ubu tsuba by Yoshioka  Terutsugu, the seventh master of the Yoshioka Inabanosuke line.   A lovely red copper tsuba with a Hosokawa mon*1 in shakudo honzogan, the surface finished in fine nanako.  7.52 cm x 7.12 cm x 3.8 mm.

He was the adopted son of Kiyotsugu, Haynes H 03381.  He became head of the family on December 26, 1774.  Upon the death of Kiyotsugu in 1802, he became the seventh master.  He was a retainer to the Tokugawa Bakufu, and received a stipend of 100 koku of rice.  He died at the age of 89.  Ref. Haynes H 09654.0.   Wakayama Vol. I, pages 111 -113.                       

*1 Well, once again, I wrote a description, shooting from the hip, without the benefit of adequate research.  Thankfully there are people out there who will slap my nose with a newspaper and correct me.

Not Hosokawa Ka-Mon. That would be the 9 Luminaries Larger circle in the center with eight surrounding smaller circles.
This variation of the Mon and the quality of this tsuba might indicate the Kuki Daimyo, Moritaka 1575-1632, Yoshitaka 1542-1600. Also Kizuki Daimyo in Bungo and Sagara Daimyo in Totomi.
My thanks to Frank Banali, a true student of the arts.


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