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Tamba no Kami Yoshimichi


REDUCED $2,950

An ubu wakizashi , signed as an Osaka Tamba no Kami Yoshimichi.  Shinogizukure, iroi mune, chukissaki, slight sakizori. Hawatare: 1 shaku 5 sun 3 bu  1 rin (46.4 cm or  18.267") .  Motohaba: 2.645 cm.  Sakihaba:  1.984 cm,  Kasane:  7.08 . Chusuguba komidare in konie. Bright even habuchi.  Itame hada wih ji nie. The boshi is komaru.  some scratching on one side of the kissaki.  In old polish.  From an old collection, and never submitted to shinsa.  I don't have enough references to validate this signature, but at a glance I am a little uncomfortable with it. 

The tsuka is a very tight eight cord wrap.  The fuchi-kashira are early Nara very black shakudo with a nanako suface.  The kashira has a samurai in a ricksha and attendants, flowering branch above them, done in gold, silver and shakudo.   The fuchi has stylized birds in shakudo, and gold and silver plants.  Both fuchi and kashira have gold borders.  The shakudo and gold menuki picture Hotai on one side and treasures on the other.   The mid-Edo moku iron tsuba has a figure deeply carved ino the surface on the front, and a stylized branch, or path, or what have you with flowers on the back.  The iron kozuka has five archaic Chinese five characters and man holding a pole in takazogan.  most of the brass is missing from the pole,    The kogatana is signed, but too worn for my old eyes to read other than ---kazu saku kore. The black lacquer saya is intact.  The habaki is shakudo foil.   $3,250



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