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Tsuguhira Katana



An ubu shinto katana signed, Omi no Kami Fujiwara Tsuguhira.   Hawatare 2 saku 3 sun 6 bu 7.9 rin (71.755 cm / 28.25")   Motohaba:  3 cm.  Sakihaba:   1.828 cm.   Kasane:  7.76 mm.   Although stained, bits of hamon are visible, desplaying a very active midare with gunome togare and tobiyaki.  The hamon would be done in konie deki, and likely have kinsuji and sungashi.  The jigane would be a tight itame, with jinie. 

The saya is very good quality black lacquer, some chipping to the laquer.  \The tsuba is a large Aizu Shoami gold Buddhist wheels in crashing silver waves (8.692 cm  x 8.673 cm x 4 mm).  The fuchi is is shakudo nanako with a Watanabe and ginger mon in gold, signed Iwasawa Ryoe, an Aizu Shoami artist  working 1750 -1775,  ref Haynes H 07590.0.  It appears to have been mounted with a kabutogane, which is missing.   A waisted silver foil habaki. The kashira is missing as are the menuki.  The slender black lacquer saya is of a form used in the 18th century, and likely original to the blade.  The same needs to be replaced.

The Tsuguhira were of the Yasutsugu school of Echizen.   Although this isn't dated,  I suspect that this the fourth generation who worked around Anei (1772 - 1781), although Hawley has him working a bit earlier Kan'en to Ani (1742 - 1772).  , and the fittings were contemporary with  the blade.  The Nohonto Meikan rates all the generations with a double triangle.  Hawley rates both the third and fourth generations at 40 points.    A polishing project, well worth the undertaking.  $3,250


Aizu Shoami Ryoe


Aizu Shoami Buddhist Wheels in Waves


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