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Fujishima Tomoshige Tanto




Back on the market after being traded in on another  sword.  Yes, I do take things back in on partial trade.  The idea is to work with people to deliver what they want.

A tanto that has been alternately attributed to Shizu Saburo Kaneuji and Fujishima Tomoshige.  Hirazukure;  uchizori; iroi mune; bohi; two mekugiana; the nakago is suriage and machi o-kure, I can follow the hamon back to the top mekugiana.   The jiri and yasurimei are no longer original to the smith.  Although there are two mekugiana, this is likely due to the difference in the style of mounting from earlier and later periods.   Hawatare:  6 sun, 8 bu. (20.6 cm / 8.11").   Nie deki, gunome midare, sunagashi, hataraki, kinsuji, nado.  O-itame nagare, mokume, jinie, chikei, nado.  Given a double circle in  Nihonto Meikan, by Homma & Iishi;  valued at 5,000,000 yen in Nihonto Jiten, by Tokuno;  Fujishiro's  Nihon Toko Jiten - Koto Hen seems to be out of step with a rating of Chujo Saku, but then he neither understands the relationship to Rai Kunitoshi.   In fresh polish, shirasaya with sayagaki, excellent silver foil chrysanthemum habaki, and NTHK-NPO work sheet with a rating of 77 points. 

He is from Kaga, and one of his tachi has been elevated to the rank of Juyo Bijitsu Hen.   He was of the Rai Kunitoshi mon, his grandfather being Kunitoshi's son.  He was the third of the Tomoshige in the Rai Kunitoshi mon, and the first generation Tomoshige as founder of the Fujishima school.  His works resemble  Bizen den and that of  Yamashiro Nobukuni.  The Meikan lists twenty-nine texts in which he is included, which speaks to the importance of this smith.   Kanewaka emulated his hamon.         

That no o-suriage, machi o-kure Muromachi blades can be considered for juyo and equivalent ratings, that this blade was given 77 points with these drawbacks, just three points short of consideration for NPO-NTHK juyo equivalent,  speaks very well for this blade.                                                                                                                                                     $4,500


Silver Foil Chrysanthemum Habaki


NTHK-NPO Kanteisho


Sayagaki to Shizu Saburo Kaneuji & The NTHK-NPO Work Sheet to Fujishima Tomoshige



Nihonto Meikan



Nihonto Jiten




Nihon Toko Jiten - Koto Hen

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