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Tomonaga Wakizashi



Right out of the woodwork, and never having seen the light of shinsa, an ubu hirazukure wakizashi, with iroi mune, slight sori.  Signed, Taiheisei Fujiwara Tomonaga, dated, Ansei Roku Nen Ju Gatsu Jitsu (a day in June 1859).  Hawatare:  1 shaku 1 sun 3 bu (34.3 cm or 13.5").  Motohaba: 2.96 cm.  Kasane: 5.6 mm.  Togare midare in konie deki.  Hataraki, kinsuji, ashi, nado.  Moist itame with areas of masame near the ha. There is a faint bo utsure.  The boshi is ko maru with a short kaeri.  The sword is mounted in shirasaya, missing the horn koiguchi, is wrapped in rice paper.  The tsuka is missing.  The  fluted habaki is covered in silver foil. There are several small scratched and a few small hakobori, as illustrated, that are easily ignored. 

Tomonaga a student of Tomotaka,  had his forge in Mikawa, and worked in Yamashiro tradition.          

Taiheisei Fujiwara Tomonaga / Ansei Roku Nen Ju Gatsu Jitsu

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