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Tegai Kanesane



REDUCED:  $3,200

An o-suriage naginatanaoshi wakizashi, attributed to Sue Tegai Kanesane (fifth generation).   Hawatare:  1 shaku 2 sun  (36.36 cm / 14.3").  Motohaba:  2.7 cm.  Kasane at machi:  5 mm.  Kasane center off blade:  2.2 mm.  Kasane at koshinogi:  4.1 mm.  Ko nie deki, suguba, nijuba, nado. The boshi is suguba with a komaru kaeri. The jigane is itame.  NTHK/NPO kanteisho.  This blade was rated 73 points, even in this condition. 

The tsuka is leather maki, with shakudo nanako fuchi-kashira with multiple mon in silver and gold on the kashira, and gold kiri mon on the fuchi.  Momoyama to earliest Edo period.  The external menuki are Momoyama kinko shakudo puppies, good color and condition.  The large shakudo nanako Flower petal tsuba with a Matsudaira mon hitsuana, and Buddhist wheels in shakudo, and gold sukashi is Momoyama or early Edo.  Excellent work.  The saya is a slightly textured Chinese red, with horn fittings.    The koshirae have not been submitted to shinsa.

He is the fifth generation of Tegai Kanesane, working around Kyoroku (1528 - 1532).  This line started in Koan (1361-1362), during the brief Northern Dynasty, and ran to around Tensho (1573 - 1592).  This should not be confused with the Tegai Kanesane line which was started by the second generation Kanesane of this line, working around Oei (1394 - 1428), which consisted of four generations, and ran until Eisho (1504-1521).

 The blade needs a polish, as some room-temperature IQ wanna be togishi thought to clean up a couple spots.  No damage, but no help either.  $3,750

Areas where someone attempted to sharpen




A ko-kinko shakudo nanako twelve lobed moku tsuba with Buddhist wheels and Matsudaira mon hitsuana.



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