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  Tachikaneguchi Tsuba



I hate when this happens.  I sold the tsuba, was paid for it, and before I could ship it, the buyer decided that he wanted to buy a blade of mine instead.  So now I have to explain why this is back on the market.  Looks like a tsuba,  feels like a tsuba, smells like a tsuba, but behaves like a boomerang.  C'est la vie.

A very fine Tachikaneguchi Yamagane tsuba, with the design of Buddha's curls.  It has either been over cleaned, or is younger than hoped.  Robert Haynes noted that there were traces of crud on the face, but not in the hitsuana.   So we may be dealing with an utsushi.   8.21 cm x 8.23 cm x 2.5 mm.        

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