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Osuriage Wakizashi  Fujiwara  Nobu/



Out of the woodwork.  A massive osuriage shinto wakizashi, Fujiwara Nobu/  1 shaku 6 sun 0.5 rin  (48.5 cm / 19.09")  Motohaba:  3.139 cm.  Sakihaba:  2.381 cm x 6 mm.  Ogunome fairly evenly spaced in konie deki, ashi iri within the gunome forming choji here and there, masame visible in the hamon. Hotsurer just ahead of the yokote on one side, nado.  The boshi is almost ichimai, and is a pointed chumaru  with a long kaeri.  The hada is a straight even masame.  

The mantra:   Shape tells age.  Hada tells school:  Hamon tells smith.

This is a Mino blade from the early 17th century, the sugata fits with Keicho (1596) and Kan'ei  (1624).  There is a Mino Fujiwara Nobusada whose hamon is a very good match, although the kanji are less so.  If it isn't Noibusada, it is certainly of that group.  Nobutaka more closely matched the wara and Nobu kanji, though Fuji is quite different.   This is why God invented shinsa.                      





                                                           Shinto Taikan Vol 1                                                                                                               

Fluted Shakudo Habaki

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