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Signed Koto Tachi



A long tachi signed niji mei, ? mitsu.  Perhaps Narimitsu or Morimitsu.   Shinogizukure, iroi mune, chu kissaki, bo hi extending into the ko shinogi.  Hawatare 2 shaku 2  sun 9 bu (69.4 cm / 27.32").  Nioi deki suguba ko midare, ko gunome & choji, ashi iri, yo, nado.  A fairly wide habuchi.  Tight long kinsuji in the habuchi. The hamon becomes narrow toward the kisski.  The jigane is itame though difficult to see in this slightly stained condition.  Good WWII army saya with same, not the standard metal or wood lacquered saya, This had been shown to a Japanese polisher, a guest at the San Francisco sword show last year, and it was recommended that the previous owner polish it.  That had been my intent, but I have decided that I already have too many polishing projects, so I am passing this along at cost.                                                                                                                                                         $2,000

Perhaps Narimitsu or Morimitsu


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