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  Shippo & Gold  Shakudo Umetada Tsuba



A very fine  Umetada shakudo and shippo tsuba of stylized waterwheels similar design to the famous lacquer box.  White, red multi shades of green cloisonné with gold wire cloisons, and hon zogan gold waterwheel.  Crashing waves are carve in keibori.   Note the waterwheel on the reverse, has radiating green on green without a cloison divider.  The copper sekigane has been skillfully added to fit a narrower blade.  7.45 cm x 7.45 cm x 1.9 mm at the mimi 4.5 mm midway between seppa dai and edge, and narrowing at the seppa dai.    Thanks to Skip Holbrook for properly identifying this as Umetada.                                             Boxed 

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