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Shibuichi Tsuba



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A wonderfully detailed shibuichi tsuba with shakudo gold and silver zogan.  6.55 cm x 5.91 cm x 3.9 mm at the mimi.  I had no idea where this fit, but thought that it was a wonderful piece, and knowing that I could contact Robert Haynes, I would find out who, what, why, and where.  Bob's comment, "This is absolutely wonderful work, and I have no idea who it is".   Not even a school.  Disappointing.  So much for fantasies of finding a Natsuo, Ichijo, or some other illustrious artist.   So it is what it is,  a very beautiful shibuichi wakizashi tsuba.  There goes my hopes for fame and fortune, though I would have gladly forgone the fame and settled for the fortune.     $950


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