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Sekibun Tsuba




Famous for their tigers, a signature work  by Yurakusai Sekibun in shibuichi.  Masterful katakiribori with red copper, gold, and shakudo detailing.   6.1 cm x 5.63 cm x 4 mm.  The Index of Japanese Sword Fittings and Associated Artists, Robert Haynes, H 08118.0 & H 08119.0.  Tosogu Meiji Taikei, Wakayama, Vol. III, pages 38 - 44.

There were two generations, their work  extended over a one hundred year span, and while there are differences signatures and subjects, the quality of their work was almost equal.   The first generation. 1790 - 1872,  was born in Murakami in Echigo province, but worked In Shonai in Dewa province.  He was adopted by the Hamano family of Kyoto.  He studied the Hamano style, and learned both iron and soft metal techniques. In 1824 he moved to Shonai, and seems to have worked for the Sakai Daimyo.  The second generation, 1838 - February 29, 1912,  born in Edo, worked in Shonai.  In 1876, four years after his father's death, he became the head of the family, took the name Sekibun, and all the titles.  Ref.  Haynes.  Boxed



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