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Sasano Ko Kinko Tsuba



An important tsuba from the Sasano collection, in a box with Sasano hakogaki.  A sukashi in yamagane with a yamagane fukurin.  Excellent deep rich natural patina, and wonderful condition.  6.4 cm x 6.35 cm x 4.6 mm at the mimi, which is a little wider than the plate.  

Illustrated on page 140 in TOSOGU - TREASURES OF THE SAMURAI, by Graham Gemmell, documenting the exhibition at Sarzi-Amade Limited, London, 21 March - 4th April, 1991.  Sold at Sotheby's - London, April 1997.    

Sasano Masayuki was a monumentally important collector, and theorist on tsuba, and s responsible for a scholarly approach to dating them, which flew in the face of conventional teaching at the time.  Pieces from his collection rarely come on the market, as they had been gobbled up by serious collectors right after his death.                           $4,200


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