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Norimtsu Uchigatana



Right out of the woodwork, and not even properly cleaned up: an ubu Muromachi Bizen Uchigatana signed nijimei Norimitsu in older koshirae.  Shinogizukure, iroi mune, extended chu kissaki, very slight sakizori.   Hawatare: 1 shaku 9 sun 5 bu (59.1 cm / 23.27 inches).  The hamon is gunome togare in a notare midare done in nioi deki, there are ashi.  There appears to be a bo utsure.  The jigane is itame, there is an unopened fukure in the shinogiji as pictured below.  Unfortunately, this blade need a good cleaning to remove all of the cosmoline residue from the blade. 

The saya is brown/black lacquer with an iron kojiri with silver trim, there is a large horn kaeshi-zuno, and horn koiguchi.  The tsuba, needs cleaning, is iron signed Shoami.   The tsuka is missing the kashira, the fuchi looks to be Nagoyamono, the menuki are chrysanthemums in a basket. The habaki is copper with nekogaki and a groove in the middle.

During Muromachi, sword from Bizen and Mino less than two shaku were still considered to be katana.   




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