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Yanagawa Naomitsu Tsuba



A shakudo tsuba signed, Yanagawa Naomitsu Saku.  A fine shakudo plate with ishime textured surface giving an appearance of grey color.  Peonies in gold and sliver with shakudo foliage.  There is a gold sekigane in the kozuka ana. 7.26 cm x 6.82 cm x 5 mm.   1733 - 1809.  He went to study with Yanagawa Naomasa in 1750, and was later adopted by him.  He was a retainer to the Soma daimyo at Nakamura in Iwakuni province.

Ref. Wakayama, Toso Kodogu Meiji Taikei  Vol. I, pages 24 & 25;  Haynes,  The Index of Japanese Sword Fittings and Associated Artists, H 067717.0.                   Boxed


Yanagawa Naomitsu Saku



Toso Kodogu Meiji Taikei, Vol. I, Pages 24 & 25

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