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 Muromachi Kagemeshi Tsuba



An excellent and rare example of a Muromachi kagameshi tsuba, with a classic dished seppa dai.  This sentoku tsuba has most of its original black lacquer intact.  There is an added rim on the mimi.  Marked either 23 or 32 on the seppa dai.  6.2 cm x 6.12 cm 4.6 mm.  Robert Haynes commented that these used to be very common, but he hadn't see any available for years.      

Ah, to be able to stop making mistakes, a consummation devoutly to be wished.  It seems that the zig-zag pattern is not an abstract, but a damaged Matsudaira mon.  This damage is very old, and perhaps even dates to when the tsuba was made, as the lacquer covers the finished cuts.   


Note Rim

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