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Mumei Mino Tanto




From a Austrian collection, an ubu mumei hirazukure Mino tanto.  Hawatare:  1 Shaku 0 Sun 4 bu 2.5 rin (31.59 cm 12.4375").  Motohaba:  3 cm.   Kasane:  6.45 mm. A bright togare choji midare in ko-nie, ashi iri, nado.  The boshi is ko-maru with a medium kaeri.  the jigane is itame nagare.  In good polish, mounted in older shirasaya, with a good copper habaki.   None of this collector's swords had been submitted to shinsa after he acquired them.   



The spot is just a reflection


Itame nagare hada

Togare choji hamon


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