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Wakizashi Signed Mutsu Daijo Miyoshi Nagamichi



A wakizashi signed  Mutsu Daijo Miyoshi Nagamichi.  Shinogizukure,  iroi mune, chu kissaki.   Hawatare:  1 shaku 4 sun 6 bu 9 rin (44.3 cm / 17.44").  Motohaba:  2.75 cm.  Sakihaba:  1.84 cm.  Kasane:  5.7 mm.   The hamon is gunome midare with hotsure, sunagashi, uchinoke, nado.  The jigane it an itame, ji nie, chikei, nada.  Masame in the shinogiji.  A very pretty blade, in new American polish.  Older shirasaya and gilt copper niju habaki.  This has never been submitted to shinsa.  The ubu nakago is a rich brown.   A good sword for a beginner or martial artist.                              

The nakago is a rich brown, not over cleaned as it appears in these two pictures, which were taken on a black background



Mutsu Daijo Miyoshi Nagamichi



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