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Miyoshi Nagamichi Wakizashi



A wakizashi by the first generation Miyoshi Nagamichi, ubu, zaimei.  Mei:  Mutsu Daijo Miyoshi Nagamichi.  Hawatare:  1 shaku 5 sun 8 bu (47.9 cm or 18.858").  Sori:  0.6 cm.   Motohaba:  2.68 cm.   Sakihaba:  1.95 cm.   Kasane:  4.5 mm.  a wide gunome ko-midare, togare, ko-ashi, ha nie, sunagashi, kinsuji, nado. The habuchi is bright, and the nie is soft and deep.   The boshi is ko maru.  The jigane is an itame and masame mix.  There is ji nie and chikei.  Josaku in Nihon Toko Jiten - Shinto Hen  by Fujishiro, with a sharpness rating of saijo owazmono, the highest of the sharpness ratings.  Valued at 6,000,000 yen in Tokuno's  Toko Taikan, and listed with a double triangle in Nihonto Meikan.    Mounted in shirasaya  with a two piece habaki which is either shakudo or lacquered copper.  NTHK kanteisho form the Miyano faction.  Note:  all five judges put their seal on the certificate.

The first generation Miyoshi Nagamichi was active around Kambun (1661 - 1673).   He was taught by his uncle Nagatoshi.  His early signature is Michinaga, and changed to Nagamichi in Manji ninen (1659) after receiving the title of  Mutsu no Daijo.  There is a story that he was a student of Tsuda Sukehiro.  The wide gunome ko-midare and shallow sori, are his distinctive features, and strongly resemble the Hanetora of Kotetsu.                                                                                      



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