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Koto Tanto



A hirazukure takenoba tanto. Iroi mune.  Hawatare: 8 sun 5 bu 1.4 rin (25.8 cm or 10.16").  Motohaba:  2.49 cm.  Kasane:  5.8 mm.  Itame nagare hadatatsu, ji nie.  Hitatsura, long nijuba on both ha and mune, long bright kinsuji, gunome, midare, ashi, yo, profuse hataraki, nado.  The hamon is a great deal more brilliant and active than I was able to picture.  In Japanese polish, shirasaya, and with a black horn habaki.  Signed, Bizen Kuni Ju Osafune Yoshimitsu Saku, and dated, ni gatsu ju ichi __.  I can not think of a more unlikely mei for this tanto.  There is an NTHK rejection slip suggesting that the work is by Hiroyoshi of Wakasa, circa. 1570. 

A new collector had been given the opportunity to own this at $3,500, post shinsa, he was feeling very disappointed, especially since the seller would offer him no satisfaction.  Thus, it came into my hands.  As a mumei tanto, I think that $3,500 is not out of line.  The mei is shallow, and should be removed, and submitted to shinsa.  There is a Shimada smith working very close to this time.                                                                       


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