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Kunisada Wakizashi or Uchigatana


An ubu very stout wakizashi signed, Yamato no Kami Inoue Kunisada.  Hawatare:  1 shaku 9 sun 5 bu 4 rin (59.214 cm / 23.314"). .Motohaba: 2.98 cm. Sakihaba:  2.04 cm.  Kasane:  6.7 mm.  Togare midare hamon with yo.  There are long kinsuji, from the monouchi upward, so strong that they may be mistaken for scratches.  Tight itame hada, with a faint utsure here and there. 

The saya is polished black lacquer with even horizontal strips, with a silver kojiri.    Black multi-string tsuka ito over excellent same, clear white with large nodules. The shibuichi fuchi-kashira have turtles in gold and shakudo on a very fine nanako ground, signed Nagatsune (Kakihan), 1722 - 1787, Haynes H 06539.0. The menuki are gold and shakudo turtles, matching the fuchi-kashira.  The kurikata is a red copper puppy dog, with shakudo detailing.   The tsuba is an iron sukashi, with gold foliage in keeping with the The seppa and habaki are gold foil. 

Although this is dimensionally a wakizashi, being 4.6 bu (39 mm / .154") off righteous, it was clearly made as a katana.  Perhaps or someone of considerable wealth, but lacking the status of samurai.  There several generations of Inoue Kunisada, the first being Shinkai.  This is not he.  Unfortunately, I do not have references for the subsequent generations, nor has this been submitted for shinsa.  So, as such, I am just offering a very nice package, which in and of itself, would seem to argue against a gimei.                                            $4,500






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