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Iga no Kami Sadatsugu Wakizashi


A long Settsu wakizashi signed Iga no Kami Sadatsugu, a member of the Shinkai Mon.  Shinogizukure, iroi mune, chukissaki, slight machiokure.  Hawatare:  1 saku 7 sun 5 bu  (53 cm / 20.875")  Motohaba:  2.86 cm.  Sakihaba: 1.86 cm. Kasane:  6.2  cm.  A florid notare midare, gunome midare within the notare alternating two, three, two three, etc.  Nie deki, ha nie, yo, nado.  Itame,  jinie, chikei, nado.  Hakikaki boshi with an extended kaeri running half way down the blade.  In fresh polish, shirasaya and silver foil waisted habaki.  Toko Taikan values his work at 2,500,000 yen.  Nihon Toko Jiten - Shinto-Hen, by Fujishiro rates him as chusaku.  He has a sharpness rating of Wazamono.  The NBTHK certificate has been misplaced.

Brown tsukamaki, shakudo fuchi-kashira with plum blossoms and plums in gold.  The petals of the plum are scooped out making an interesting three dimensional image.  The menuki are sages with bamboo walking sticks.  The tsuba is a Muromachi or Momoyama plate decorated with boar's eye sukashi, good tekotsu.  I believe that the bras inlay and hitsuana were added during early Edo.   The saya is a silver grey with black stippling.  Pockets for kozuka and kogai.  The kurikata was missing so I attempted to fit one that I had on hand, but it is too small, and needs to be replaced. 

His home province was  Higo, he worked around Enpo (1673 - 1681).  His work resembles that of Kaga no Kami Sadanori.  $4,250




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