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Hizen Kuni Mitsuhiro Tachi



A gendai tachi by Hizen Mitsuhiro.  Hawatare: 2 shaku 0 sun 7 bu  9.06 rin (63 cm or 24.8").  The hamon is made up of gunome midare with deep deeep and wide ashi within large florid gunome pattern resembling unopened peonies.   The is  ha nie and some long kinsuji in the area on either side of the yokote.   Itame had with a slightly rough and glassy appearance.  The boshi is ko maru with a medium long kareri, there is nijuba on both sides.  In good polish, copper habaki, and mounted in shirasaya with horn fittings.

Born in 1898, he trained under Kurihara Saburo, and worked in the Army Blade Department during WWII.  He is rated at 1,000,000 yen in the Toko Taikan.  He is also listed in the Nihonto Meikan, and Modern Japanese Swordsmiths 1868- 1945, by John Slough.                                 



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