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Goto Koei Tsuba



A red copper tsuba signed by Goto Koei [Kakihan].  6.61 cm x 5.65 cm x 4.3 mm.   Well carved waves with shakudo chidori.  I spoke with Robert Haynes about this tsuba, his comments, 'Oh, this damn guy again.  I've seen about eight pieces of his work.   The second kanji doesn't exist.  There is no way to look him up.  There are about eight possibilities.  The best guess is Goto Kenjo, my H 03102.0.'

The Index of Japanese Sword Fittings and Associated Artists, Robert Haynes, H 03102.0.  Goto Kenjo, 1828 - 1904.  The second son of Goto Ichijo.  On January 15, 1843 he took the name of Mitsuki or Korai.  He was the seventh, and the last, of the Hachirobei family line.  He worked in the style of his father, and many of his pieces had his father's name placed on them.   

Slight damage to the rim at upper left.       Boxed.                                                              



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