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Gassan Tanto



An ubu koto hirazukure tanto signed nijimei, Gassan.   Hirazukure, iroi mune, slight sori.Hawatare:  7 sun 8 bu  (23.64cm or 9.305").  Motohaba:  2.36 cm.    Kasane: 6 mm at the mune.  Chu suguba ko midare, gunome, hataraki of the ayasugi hada.  The boshi is Jizo. The jigane is the classic ayasugi associated with the Gassan school.  Rated Chujo Saku in Fujishiro, Nihon Toko Jiten - Shinto Hen.  NTHK kanteisho.

The kozuka is copper, finished in even nanako.  The same and the saya is in perfect condition, so with the addition of a horn kashira, and a set of menuki this will be a lovely koshirae.

There were a number of  Gassan smiths working in Temmon 1532 - 1555, some signed their personal name, others just Gassan.  Looking at the shape of the nakago jiri, it is possible that this is by Gassan Hiroyasu.   This blade needs and deserves a polish.   Its size and shape would make restoration reasonable.                                          





Nihon Toko Jiten - Shinto Hen

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