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Eisho Sukesada



An ubu wakizashi signed Bishu Osafune Sukesada Saku, and dated Eisho Jugo Nen Ni Gatsu Hi (February 1518).  Shinogizukure, iroi mune, chu kissaki, very little taper, bo hi ending in marudome.  Hawatare:  1 shaku 7 sun 0 bu 43 rin (51.6 cm. / 20.3").   Motohaba:  2.81 cm.  Sakihaba:  1.91 cm.  Kasane: 6.5 mm.  Large gunome with hako choji & choji within, ashi iri, kinsuji.  The boshi gunome midare ending in komaru and short kaeri. Itame slightly hadatatsu.  Mounted in shirasaya with a good quality silver foil habaki.  This came from a dealer in German collectables, who picked it up in his travel, so if this had been submitted to shinsa, the papers have been lost. 

There are eight Bizen Sukesada working in Eisho, five of whom have double circles (indicating superior work of  the koto period) according to the Nihonto Meikan.  However, there were undoubtedly earlier and later works by smiths whose main period of production came just before or just after Eisho.                                                     




Bishu Osafune Sukesada Saku   /  Eisho Jugo Nen Ni Gatsu Hi

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