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Echizen Shimosaka Wakizashi


 Ubu wakizashi signed, Echizen Kuni Ju Shimosaka.  Shobuzukure, iroi mune.   Hawatare: 1 shaku 2 sun 3 bu 1 rin (37.06 cm. 14.69").  Motohaba:  2.54 cm.  Kasane: 3.2 mm.  Chu suguba ko midare in konie, very bright habuchi, kinsuji, nado.  the boshi is a pointed komaru, with hakikaki, and long kaere, The jigane is tight masame with fine jinie.  There is a weak bo utsure.     In old polish, mounted in shirasaya with gilt copper habaki. 

This is from an old collection, and has never been to shinsa.  There were three smiths signing Echizen Kuni Ju Shimosaka working around Keicho (October 1596 - July 1615).  Two of them are of little note, the third, is the first generation Yasutsugu, jojo saku, who occasionally signed, Echizen Kuni Ju Shimosaka.    The signature doesn't look like that of Yasutsugu (see below), and unfortunately I have not been able to find signature references for either.    $2,000

 Nagasa: 1 shaku 1 sun 7 bu (35.45 cm. 13.96").  Length 2.9 cm.  Kasane: 4.7 mm.

Echizen Kuni Ju Shimosaka.

Two Examples of Shodai Yasutsugu's Shimosaka Mei

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