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Bingo Sadahiro Katana



Right out of the woodwork:  A shinshinto katana signed, Bingo Mitsugu Ju Shishido Sadahiro; dated, Keio san nen hachi gatsu jitsu saku (made a day in August 1867).   Shinogizukure, iroi mune, extended chu kissaki.  Slightly machi okure, and originally made to be mounted with two mekugi.  Hawatare:  2 shaku  1 sun 5 bu 8 rin (65.4 cm or 25.75").  Motohaba: 3.02 cm.  Sakihaba: 2.19 cm.  Kasane 7.6 mm.  Chu suguba ko-midare, brilliant and rich habuchi, very slight koichigaiba, ashi, and shadowy choji patterns within.  Tight itame hada.  The blade is clean, but needs a proper polish. 

The tsuka is blue tsuka ito, leather covered iron fuchi and an iron butterfly kashira.  The menuki are snails in shakudo and red copper.  The tsuba is iron moku shape with Amida Yasuri and a hammered mimi.  There is a gold foil seppa.  The copper habaki is good quality and condition.  The saya is a black wave pattern over green nishiji, and was split.  The kojiri is missing (the white is the remnant of adhesive tape).  This is a good collectable sword, well worth the investment in polish.