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Aizu Kanesada Katana



Well, always its something.  The Lexus requires $3,650 worth of work, so it is time to make some deep cuts and get things out the door.  So I am reducing the price of this to help pad the hurt of the auto repairs.    So I am cutting this to just a bit over my cost.            $4,750


A powerful katana attributed to the tenth generation Aizu Kanesada, who worked around Ansei (1854 - 1860).  Shinogizukure, iroi mune, extended chu kissaki.  Hawatatre: 2 shaku 2 sun 9 bu (69.39 cm / 27.33").  Gunome midare in nie deki,  kinsuji, long inazuma, gifu, hotsure, tobiyaki, ashi iri, nado. The hamon in the kissaki is midare with tobiyaki, the boshi is hakikaki with a long kinsuji.  The jigane is a beautiful tight moist itame, the shinogi ji is masame.  There is jinie and chikei, nado.  In fresh polish, gilt copper habaki, and older shirsaya.  NTHK kanteisho, rating this at 75 points, a considerably high ranking.  Rated Josaku in Nihon Toko  Jiten - Shinto Hen by Fujishiro.

This is the tenth generation Aizu Kanesada, his work spanned Bunsei (1818 - 1830) to Bunkyu (1861 - 1864).  Historically, he was sometimes thought to have taken the name Izumo no Kami.  However that is an error, Izumo no Kami is the eleventh generation.

As an aside, I spoke with a gentleman who does traditional cutting, and he said that Kanesada are one of best swords for cutting.                                                           $6,000




Itame Hada, Jinie, Chikei, Inazuma & Hataraki



Hakikaki & Tobiyaki



Ubu Mumei Nakago


NTHK Worksheet Rating 75 Points


NTHK Kanteisho



Nihon Toko  Jiten - Shinto Hen



Shinshinto Taikan

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