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Dotanuki Masatsugu Wakizashi



An ubu koto wakizashi signed Do[ ]uki Masatsugu.  Shinogizukure, iroi mune, extended kissaki.  Hawatare:  1 shaku 6 sun 2 bu 9 rin,  (49.37 cm or 19.44").  Motohaba:  3.06.  Sakihaba:  2.08.  Kasane:  7.3 mm.   Suguba ko-midare with some small gunome in nie deki, with a bright habuchi.  Ha nie and kinsuji.  The boshi is komaru with a medium kaeri. The jigane is a bright tight itame with fine jinie.  In new polish and shirasaya, with the habaki being part of the tsuka.  This has not been to shinsa.

Masatsugu was active around Tensho, July 1573 - December 1592.  The meaning of Dotanuki is (胴太貫) torso–thick–penetrate, a testament to its cutting ability.  The Dotanuki school  is from Higo province, and in the linage of the Higo Enju school.  The Enju school was founded in 1305 by Enju Kunimura (延寿 国村), and was a student of Rai Kuyniyuki (国行).  Following the decline of the Enju school, the Dotanuki school rmerged in the small Higo village of Dotanuki in the mid 16th century.  Masakuni (胴太貫正国) is said to have been the founder of the school. 

Although there are references to the Dotanuki working in Bizen tradition, this example clearly demonstrates the characteristics  coming out of Higo Enju.  It is unfortunate tat the nakago is so compromised, but the blade itself remains healthy, a minor tateware and small carbon pockets in the kissaki as shown below.   This is a seriously good collector's sword.                                $3,200

Tate ware and small carbon pockets, neither of any importance


Do[  ]uki Masatsugu



Nihonto Meikan


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