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Wakizashi in Koshirae




Hawatare: 1 shaku 2 sun 0 bu 5.8 rin (36.6 cm / 14.4").  Motohaba: 3.19 cm.   Kasane: 4.7 mm. Hirazukure, iroi mune, bohi with a marudome.  Ubu mumei nakago with two mekugiana.  Chu suguba, with multiple formations within.  Long and short kinsuji.  Hada tatsu itame nagare with areas of omokume and long chikei.  There is bo utsure.  The blade is in good old polish. 

The fuchi-kashira are iron, of Hotai and a child and mon with foliage, or some symbol unknown to me, on the kashira.  The fuchi is signed Joei, and as per Robert Haynes, "---better than average work for Joei".  The menuki are a floral design in shakudo and gold. Unfortunately, the tsuka was wrapped by an American amateur, and needs t be redone.  The iron tsuba has kiri mon in gold and silver, and a shakudo mimi.  The saya is black ishime, and is in excellent condition.  The kurikata is shakudo with a Higo style design, the shidome are gold.  There is a multi-metal kanemono, and an iron kojiri with an egg plant in silver nunome, with takabori carving of veins in the leaves.  Good quality copper habaki. 

This is from an old collection, and neither the blade or koshirae have ever been submitted to shinsa.  Reevaluated my guess, I am thinking something in Soshu.   





Itame nagare with areas of o-mokume and long chikei



Activity and kinsuji in the hamon


Early Edo or Momoyama kozuka


Iron fuchi-kashira of Hotai and a mon or symbol, signed Joei

Iron tsuba with kiri  mon



Shakudo kurikata and multi-metal kanemono


Copper Eggplant Kojiri With Silver Leaves & Vines

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