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Tsuchiya Morichika Tsuba



An unassuming and important tsuba by Morichika.  Signed Kinkodo / Tsuchiya Morichika Kakihan.  Iron with takabori horses and riding accoutrements with gold nunome.   A very dense plate with granular tekotsu throughout, made at a time when forged plate was the exception.   7.52 cm x 7.39 cm x 4.2 mm at the mimi.  Morichika  worked in Okayama in Bizen province, and later in Osaka.  He is the son of Noriyuki (H 05810), and a student of the sixth Tsuchiya Yasuchika (H 11109).  There are dated works from 1850, 1858, and 1859.    Ref. Wakayama, Toso Kodogu Meiji Taikei  Vol. III, page 176;  Haynes,  The Index of Japanese Sword Fittings and Associated Artists, H 05655.0.                                       


Toso Kodogu Meiji Taikei  Vol. I

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