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Tosho Amida Yasuri Tsuba



A Muromachi to early Edo period tsuba decorated with Amida yasuri and sukashi designs that I can't identify.  Excellently forged sand iron plate, with evident forging in the face, and good granular tekotsu on the rim.   Much of its original black lacquer still remains.  Sekigane no longer present in the kozuka ana.  7.88 cm x 7.49 cm. x 2.7 mm to 3.1 mm at the mimi.   Logically, this tsuba should have been an easy item to photograph, but it was drudgery.  Multiple light sources, background, and even attempted scans, and produced bupkis.   The two rim shots  at the bottom are good representations of the color, all others are slightly off tone.           $250


                    Evident Forging             Granular Tekotsu           



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