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  Toshiaki Fuchi-Kashira


A wonderful set of kinko shibuichi fuchi-kashira with artfully carved house with a thatched roof and tree, gold hon zogan fruit, silver taka zogan posts, and gold and silver zogan highlights on the roof, tree, and lantern in front of the house, signed Toshiaki  (Kakihan).   The fuchi has an artfully carved stream on one side, and a silver fence and pine tree with shakudo foliage.  Fuchi:  3.72 cm x 1.89 cm x 6.7 mm.  Kashira:  3.44 cm x 1.58 cm x 5.1 mm.   

According to Robert Haynes: This is an unrecorded artist.  The work is purely Nara, circa 1725 - 1750.  He seems have been a student of Nara Toshinaga, from whom he adopted the Toshi kanji.           $850

Toshiaki  (Kakihan)