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Sukeshige Wakizashi


A mounted wakizashi signed Bizen Kuni Sukeshige. The style of cutting the mei is consistent with Muromachi signatures.   Hirazukure iroi mune, slight sori.   Hawatare: 1 shaku 2 sun 5 bu 7 rin  (38,1 cm or 15").  Motohaba: 3.05 cm.    Kasane: 5.8  mm. Gunome midare hamon in nioi.  Rough itame hada,  This blade has not been submitted to shinsa, but in my opinion it would be rejected as a saiba. 

The tsuka is wrapped in green ito, a shakudo and gold fuchi with triple tomoe on a nanako background.  The kashira is horn, and the menuki shakudo and with gold highlights of Hotai.  The smaller mokugata tsuba has a bird on a post, and a turtle half submerged.  The elongated kozuka ana would argue for earlier Edo.  The tsuba was clearly altered for mounting on this wakizashi.  The polished shakudo kozuka has three Oda Ka-Mon, two in gold , and one in a high grade deep black shakudo.  It is signed in gold Josen Saku.   Josen was a noted lacquerer who did both inro and sword fittings. Ref.  Haynes H 02200.0.   The saya is pine needles in clear lacquer over a black undercoat.     $1,950


Josen Saku. 


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