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Soten Iron Tsuba


A good large iron example of Soten. 8.32 cm x 8.27 cm x 5.1 mm.  Signed on the omote, Soheishi / Nyudo Soten Sei, and on the ura, Eshu Akasaka Ju.  A well conceived and executed design.  In comparing the signature to TS0251, a certified first generation, one has to place this as the nidai or sandai.

Soten works are also known as Hikonebori (Hikone carving).  He and his school were very skillful tsubashi and the popularity of  his intricately  carved works showing Gen-Pei Bushi (warriors in the wars between the Taira and Minamoto) and sennin ( magical hermits and wizards), that many copies and forgeries were made.  Some of the counterfeits "...were so coarsely made so as to be unbearable to look at." (Nihonto Koza translated by Harry Afu Watson)The first, second , and third generations signed Soten, thereafter came Sochin, Soken, Kanenori, Kanetane, etc.                                     Boxed $1,800