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Selection of Three Kozuka



Three kozuka of varying condition and quality. 

1.  Shakudo bird in the water on a gilt copper jiita.  Minor scuffing on the back.  Good for collecting or mounting.

2. Shakudo tiger and gold cub forging a silver river to shakudo nanako land with gold leaves.  Signed, Ishigoro Moritsune Kao. damage to butt and mouth.  Ishigoro Moritsune was the early signature of the second Ishigoro Masatsune.  As per Robert Haynes, the signature is very close, and this is conceivably very early student work.  "The shakudo needs to be recolored, and it needs a lot of dents taken out of the fenders."

3. Shakudo geese flying under a full moon, with suyari clouds, and gilt flowers on the right hand side. Dented back as shown.  Just a replacement piece to dress up a koshirae.

Because these are priced for so little, I need to charge $10 S & H within the continental United States and $15 S & H for export.                                         .


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