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Sashu Ju Masayoshi Naginata



A katana signed Sashu ju Taira Masayoshi, dated   Tenmei Go Nen Ki Hachi Gatsu. (August 1785),    Hawatare: 1 saku 3 sun 8  bu 6 rin  (42 cm / 16.54 ")   Motohaba: 3.o3  cm.   Kasane: 8.53 mm tapering to 5.37 mm. Shinogizukure with a chu-kissaki.    Tight itame packed with small jinie and chikei.   The hamon chu suguba midare pattern continues into the kissaki.   Profuse  ha nie.  There are clouds of bright course nie above the hamon,.  In need of a proper polish. , mounted in shirasaya with a ttwo piece silver foil  habaki.   Mounted in very good shirasaya. 

This date places him as the fourth generation Satsuma Masayoshi.  I do not have any signature references, but the work speaks for itself. 

This needs a polish, and has never been submitted to shinsa.          $2,200  Plus $100 shipping.




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