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Palanquin Yari




A later Edo palanquin yari in excellent condition.  45 "/114 cm overall.  Black lacquered pole.  Ribbed front (7.25" / 18.1 cm) black lacquer with copper band (semegane) midway.  Iron cross guard.  Chinese red string wrap,.   Mizugaeshi, metal base of the pole.  The saya is gold nishiji lacquer with gold takamakie mon.  The throat is red lacquer with minor chipping.   Yonkaku yari, suguga (5.47" / 13.9 cm )  with red lacquered futatsubi on either side.  Ubu mumei overall length 12.25 / 31.12 cm.  It appears that the red lacing had been repaired some time in the past.  This has never been to shinsa.   

I am torn between late er shinto and early shinshinto.  Because these were not subject to the elements like other yari, and swords, the age is difficult to judge from the nakago.  

This was not something for the common bushi, but someone of importance.   REDUCED PRICE:  $1,200 

The Date clan's norimono with arabesque design in maki-e lacquer. Edo period, Tokyo Fuji Art Museum.



Wrap being wider in the center, may indicate an old repair.


Slight chipping


Japanese Family Crest, Kamon on a Noren 

I do not know which family uses this mon;  here is another example.

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