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Nara Dragonfly Fuchi-Kashira


An easily overlooked, and nicely carved Nara school fuchi-kashira set, with the classically Nara shallow fuchi, of a dragon fly in takazogan with a gilt head and thorax, and with gold han reading Tou (Yasuchika).  The red copper plate plate has streaks of shakudo added.  Honzogan shakudo inlay can be seen in such works as Yasuchika piebald rats, by the third generation.  Fuchi: 3.69 cm x2.1 cm x 8.9 mm.  Kashira: 3.4 cm x 1.59 cm x 6.1 mm.  According to Haynes, the first, second, and fifth generations signed Tou, so it is possible that the signature is correct.  Boxed  $300


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