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Naomasa Birds & Walnuts Fuchi-Kashira


Shakudo nanako fuchi-kashira signed, Yanagawa Naomasa Kao.  Jays in silver and shakudo going after silver, gold, and shakudo walnuts.  Very fine nanako.  This was made to be mounted with a kozuka or kogai, note the fuchi picture on the right.  Fuchi:  base 3.75 cm,  mouth 3.71 cm x 2.14 cm x 1.1 cm.  Kashira: 3.46 cm x 1.89 cm x 8.9 mm.

Yanagawa Naomasa was a very important artist, and there are many signature references in Wakayama's Toso Kodogu Meiji Taisei, vol. I, pages 20 though 23,  showing variations in his signature.  However, there are no examples of the 3 shape on the right hand element in Masa,  or any kakihan carved so loosely, or with the loop on the right hand side not descending to the bottom of the kakihan.  So I am selling this as a very nice unsigned set.  Boxed   $375

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