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Mumei Sue Koto Katana



A mumei machiokure katana.  Shinogizukure, iroi mune, chu kissaki, sakiizori.  Hawatare: 2 shaku 2 sun 9 bu  4 rin (69.5 cm or 27.36").  Suguba komidare, in konie deki, fairly wide habuchi.  The hada has been obscured, but it likely itame.    The nakago has one mekugiana, the machi has been raised a little ove 6 cm.  The yasurimei suggests that this is a blade from Mino Seki. 

Mounted in a leather covered shingunto saya with a tachi  style tsuka, iro fuchi and kabutogane.   Menuki are missing.   The tsuba is signed, Shoami Shigenobu, and would appear to be the work of a later generation, and a slightly atypical design for this group.     Ideal for the  hobbiest or martial artist, as in this day and age the cost of polish would be prohibitive.    $1,250