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Rinsendo Mitsumasa Futokoromono



A fine shibuichi futokoromono by Mitsumasa.  The kozuka pictures Shoki, the demon queller, in katakiribori and keibori; signed, Rinsendo Mitsumasa kakihan.  The kogai is warabashi and signed, Mitsumasa with the addition of a gold han.  

Born 1721, died Dec. 19, 1777.  He was at first a gunsmith with the Kunitomo, and called himself  Tsuji Tanji.  He was later influenced by the second Yokoya Soyo and the style of the Nara school, and developed his own individual style based on that.  He seems to have never married, does not have a true successor.  There are about half a dozen students that came after him. 

 "A very early work in style of Yokoya Soyo II H 08953", "Rare work by this artist Very good example", notes from Robert Haynes.   NBTHK Hozon kanteisho.  Haynes, The Index of Japanese Sword Fittings and Associated Artists  H.05268.0.  Wakiyama, Tosogu Meiji Taikei Vol. III, pages 157 - 158.

Robert Haynes saw this set in hand, and commented that this is the original patination, and that it is rare to see things that had not been recolored over the years.  He suggested that would be a good candidate for juyo tosogu.  Unfortunately, they did not pass to juyo this time.