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Ko ToshoTsuba


For the serious collector:  an absolutely splendid ubu Ko Tosho tsuba.  Excellent patina and color.  It must be seen in sunlight to appreciate the color and depth of patina.  9 cm x 8.9 cm x 2 mm. As per Robert Haynes, "Probably Kamakura period".  As fine a Tosho as you will see.  Ex Stuart Broms, ex Jim Gilbert collections.  See listing on Jim Gilbert's website: Unlike Mr. Gilbert, I do not believe that there were ever any spokes in the lower sukashi, as argued by the example below which he also notes as missing spokes.  This appears to be the intended intact design. 

Some may recall that this tsuba was on my site in the past and was sold.  The owner wanted to buy an expensive sword, so I was more than happy to take this piece back in on partial trade.          $2,200.

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