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Kanekado Katana



A gendai katana, surrendered after WWII,  by  Japanese iai master Okazeri Kunio, seventh dan.    Signed, Seki Yoshida Kanekado saku.  Shinogizukure, bohi iroi mune, extended chu kissaki.   Hawatare:  2 shaku 3 sun 2 bu (70.3 cm / 27.67").   Motohaba:  3.11 cm.  Sakihaba:  2.11 cm.  Kasane:  6.3 mm.  Hiroi gunome hako midare, togare, deep ashi iri, soft rich habuchi, gifu, nado.  Tight itame hada.  Mounted for iai with a modern iai handle with plastic same and a  large Edo period Shoami tsuba.  Tsuba:  8.55 cm x 7.83 cm x 5.8 mm. The original tsuba and tsuka are included separately, and pictured below.  The original saya has metal supports at the mouth and extending several inches down the  sides.  This needs some TLC, but is completely functional.                 $300                                                                                                                                                                                                          Note from the consignor:  "He was Sensei is Kawaguchi kendo dojo. I called them asking if they would be interested in tag or sword. It appears that he practiced kendo for a long time after the war and reached 7th dan, but they were not interested well, communicating was very hard but I hope I got most things right."




                                                                                                                 Okazeri Kunio Sensei at the Kawaguchi Kendo Dojo