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Kanayama Tsuba


Every now and again, I forget that I am a dealer, and find myself buying things that I want.  However, come the first and fifteenth of the month I am reminded that I am a dealer, and not a collector, so this darling little bit of fluff is back on the market. 

An important classic Kanayama tsuba 6.5 cm x 6.46 cm x 4.7 mm.  Kanayama have always been prized, and are difficult to acquire.  Fine color and condition.  Granular and globular tekotsu throughout.  This has to be viewed in sunlight to be fully appreciated.  This is the opinion of Skip Holbrook, whose collection it came from.  Robert Haynes, not having it in hand, only seeing a picture, opined that it looked like Kyoto Shoami from Momoyama period.  Whichever it turns out to be, it is a wonderful piece of metal work by a gifted artist.                           $1,750 

Globular tekotsu

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