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Goto Menuki For Tanto



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Having taken these in on trade at $1,000, a figure the previous owner, a man not noted for his expansive generosity in purchasing, at what he had paid for them, I thought to make a small profit.  Apparently that is not to be, so having reality forced upon me, I have cut the price by a tad over 30%. 

A fine small set of Goto school menuki,  2.72 cm x 1.54 cm x 7.2 mm & 2.74 cm x 1.61 cm x 7.4 mm (note: the measurement of the width includes the extended post).  Shakudo base with silver and gold attached in utori (sheet gold wrapped around the base), not plating as seen in later work.  Looking through Tosogu Go Kebori Meihin Shusei, a book on the seventeen generations of Goto, it appears that utori is evident though the early to mid generations, after which time plating was employed.                               






Gold Utori

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